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PLEASE READ - Key series vary by model year. 

  • Mid 90's to current - Cabinet Key 90094   Cash Box  90095*

*A very limited run of tables had 90095 cabinet locks

 We carry ONLY the 90095 and 90095 keys.  The number is inscribed on the face of the locks.


*Late 1980's to early 1990's - Cabinet Key 90001 Cash Box 90002

*Mid to late 1980's - Cabinet Key 221 Cash Box 217

*The numbers for these locks/keys are NOT inscribed on the face of the locks. Unless you HAVE THE ORIGINAL KEY, we cannot tell you which lock you have. These keys are no longer available. If your key is lost for any series other than the 90094 or 90095 your options are to: contact a locksmith or drill out the locks and replace them with the current 90094/90095 series.



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