To change out a player you will need: replacement roll pin(s) and a roll pin punch. Using the roll pin punch and hammer, tap the pin(s) out of the men until you reach the man to be replaced. Slide the old player off of and the new player onto rod (Smiley face facing to the right!) Tap roll pin through player and rod. When replacing bumpers be sure the smooth side is against the man. Use a drop of silicone near each bearing to lubricate the rod for smoother play.

What is the difference between a counter-weighted and non-counter-weighted player?  A counter-weighted player has a weight in the head that equals the weight of the foot.  This means you can set the bar parallel to the playfield and the players will stay horizontal to the playfield and the feet will not fall.  This is useful when shooting through to the goal; you can set your players parallel and shoot through them.  A non-counterweighted player does not have a weight in the head so the weight of the feet causes the player to drop and stay perpendicular to the playfield.  You have to shoot through your own players, you can't get them out of the way.

How can you tell if you have weighted or non-weighted players?  There is a hole in the back of the head. Put the player in a brightly lit spot or use a flashlight and if you see metal in the hole, it’s weighted. If there isn’t metal, it’s not.

Another way: take the player off of the rod. Lay the player flat with the rod hole across your finger. A non weighted player CANNOT balance, it will fall off.

  • Roll pins are included in multi-player kits.  Roll pins are NOT included with individual players.
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