Playfield, Exterior Cabinet

SHIPPING NOTE:  1-1-2020  Both UPS and FedEx have lowered their maximum package weight from 70 to 50 pounds, and implemented a mandatory oversize fee on every package over a certain weight/size.  This fee affects the shipping cost on all playfields, which cannot be shipped by postal service.  We don't have any control over the cost of shipping, you pay what we pay; please take this into account when you are checking out when ordering a playfield.

Playfields can be made for T3000, Classic and Elite models and SOME Storm or Cyclone models.

Want a single goalie table?  You can buy the ramped playfield and stop collars and convert your commercial grade table to a single goalie!

Playfields are NOT available for: Thunder, Whirlwind, Twister, Sport models.  Cannot ship to Canada.

How to remove old playfield strips:  The heat freom a hair dryer will help loosen the old glue.  Use a butterknife or thin bladed knife to gently lift the old strips.  Use alcohol and a lint free cloth to remove the glue from the old strips.

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