Silicone - 2 oz

Silicone - 2 oz
  • Item #: TFBS2

SILICONE - BOGO - Buy one, get one free!  While supplies last!  2 OUNCE BOTTLES ONLY.


PLEASE NOTE:  DUE TO COVID-19, THE TOPS OF THE SILICONE BOTTLES WILL BE DIFFERENT THAN PICTURED.  The national health emergeny is currently causing a shortage in the bottles as well as the disc tops.  Currently, 8 ounce bottles are out of stock.


Silicone is a MUST have for smooth play action!  Pull the rod toward you, put a drop on top of the rod (outside) and spin it back into the table. Do this on both sides. Just a few drops will change your whole game!  Packaging may vary; liquid weight is true.  Take it easy! You need a DROP of silicone at each rod to lube. 8 oz is a cup of silicone, so unless you clean or lube the rods often, or have many tables to maintain, you'll probably need to consider purchasing 2 oz instead of 8!

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